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Happy New Year lmurray01/2/2021 7:20:32 AM
Annual Membership Meeting lmurray011/20/2020 5:25:56 AM
Oxygen cart Christopher Aniol311/11/2020 4:37:20 PM by lmurray
Welcome New Member! Christopher Aniol311/11/2020 4:35:21 PM by lmurray
ASA Soaring Google Group Christopher Aniol28/9/2020 4:28:14 AM by lmurray
July 4th at Estrella Christopher Aniol07/3/2020 9:06:58 PM
OLC week at Tucson Soaring Club? Steve Koerner45/17/2020 8:47:53 AM by Cliff Hilty
Saturday May 9th forecast lmurray05/6/2020 7:42:39 AM
ASA annual day at Estrella Cliff Hilty185/4/2020 8:07:14 PM by jsilvasi
New Cost Structure for Estrella Sailport lmurray05/1/2020 6:33:49 PM
Scheduled flying at Estrella Steve Koerner24/26/2020 12:58:26 PM by Steve Koerner
Cibecue airstrip Steve Koerner14/25/2020 7:50:59 PM by lmurray
Going Soaring lmurray44/17/2020 8:05:25 PM by Steve Koerner
Guidelines for Estrella Sailport during Pandemic lmurray04/9/2020 8:01:16 PM
Soaring Forecast lmurray03/27/2020 11:48:19 AM
Welcome New Members lmurray53/9/2020 6:11:56 PM by Cliff Hilty
Meeting in Mesa with Luke AFB People lmurray42/26/2020 7:04:41 AM by lmurray
Repacking Parachutes lmurray02/7/2020 7:22:55 AM
ASA 2020 contest days Cliff Hilty02/4/2020 8:21:38 PM
Fluid hadling lmurray02/1/2020 8:06:57 AM
Transponder Checks lmurray11/22/2020 9:21:01 AM by lmurray
Meeting in Mesa lmurray01/20/2020 8:17:50 AM
SSA Convention lmurray012/26/2019 7:25:33 AM
Merry Christmas Cliff Hilty112/26/2019 5:59:12 AM by lmurray
General Meeting and Christmas Party lmurray112/9/2019 5:38:32 AM by lmurray
ASIG Meeting to talk about ADS-B lmurray011/21/2019 8:12:14 AM
ASA contest Sept 14-15 Turf Cliff Hilty19/4/2019 7:16:00 AM by Cliff Hilty
MM celebration of life... Nigel Cripps08/9/2019 5:23:45 AM by Nigel Cripps
Grand Canyon from Estrella today Steve Koerner28/6/2019 2:10:40 PM by Arnie Jurn
Estrella closed July 1-15 Steve Koerner06/30/2019 12:43:45 PM by Steve Koerner
El Tiro Memorial Weekend Randy45/27/2019 7:51:18 AM by mumberger
Fourteen knots Steve Koerner25/10/2019 2:28:27 PM by Steve Koerner
Parachute repacks Nigel Cripps45/5/2019 6:28:31 AM by Nigel Cripps
Estrella Cup and Sprint lmurray05/4/2019 7:06:00 AM
April ASIG meeting lmurray04/18/2019 8:29:38 AM
April 13,14 contest at Turf. Christopher Aniol54/11/2019 8:04:25 AM by Steve Koerner
Unused Data Logger lmurray04/8/2019 5:01:31 PM
ASA contest and Party schedule and Annual Party Cliff Hilty254/2/2019 5:51:05 PM by Cliff Hilty
Open Meeting of Glider Pilots lmurray01/12/2019 6:50:08 PM
Nice Labelle For Sale lmurray012/30/2018 8:34:04 PM
2018 General Membership Meeting jsilvasi1011/28/2018 12:52:04 PM by lmurray
ASA Membership renewals Christopher Aniol011/7/2018 9:26:55 AM
0.21 miles Steve Koerner29/18/2018 7:10:27 AM by Cliff Hilty
ASA races in EL Tiro Cliff Hilty29/4/2018 6:02:00 PM by Cliff Hilty
ASW-24 for sale in Chicago Nigel Cripps08/13/2018 1:51:03 PM by Nigel Cripps
Andy reichenberger funeral Cliff Hilty37/9/2018 2:12:40 PM by jsilvasi
Estrella closed for summer vacation Steve Koerner27/7/2018 8:27:55 AM by Cliff Hilty
TUSC OLC and ASA fun fly/race Cliff Hilty25/24/2018 9:01:18 PM by Cliff Hilty
Grub for May 26 @ El Tiro jsilvasi55/23/2018 7:51:56 PM by jsilvasi
The Estrella Cup and Sprint Contest lmurray65/16/2018 4:25:25 PM by jsilvasi
Weekend at Sampley's Christopher Aniol85/4/2018 10:33:33 AM by Cliff Hilty
Transponder Checking lmurray14/29/2018 8:31:10 AM by jsilvasi
Sailing story... Steve Koerner24/19/2018 9:36:14 AM by Cliff Hilty
Show and Tell Opportinity lmurray24/15/2018 8:26:18 PM by lmurray
2018 Contest jsilvasi144/15/2018 7:53:12 AM by Michael Stringfellow
ASA Annual Party/flying Cliff Hilty93/19/2018 9:19:44 PM by Tom Dukerich
2018 contest/fun fly schedule Cliff Hilty13/15/2018 9:13:06 AM by Cliff Hilty
Soaring Interist Group Meeting lmurray03/13/2018 12:49:26 PM by lmurray
R E N O ! ! ! jsilvasi33/10/2018 6:42:24 AM by lmurray
General Membership Meeting board22/27/2018 6:54:17 AM by lmurray
Chute Repacks / Transponders jsilvasi32/27/2018 6:50:28 AM by lmurray
Looking for contact going to Reno... Steve Koerner22/9/2018 11:27:55 AM by jsilvasi
Lots of circling over Prescott Valley Bob Thompson12/5/2018 9:57:56 AM by Cliff Hilty
Oxygen Cart Arnie Jurn81/30/2018 5:56:10 AM by lmurray
Estrella today 1/26 Steve Koerner41/28/2018 8:25:01 AM by Michael Stringfellow
Merry Christmas Christopher Aniol712/30/2017 6:27:05 PM by mumberger
trick to avoid crosswind landing... Steve Koerner310/14/2017 6:34:59 PM by lmurray
Turf contest 9-22 thru 24 Cliff Hilty169/27/2017 6:29:12 AM by Cliff Hilty
Ocean view property in Arizona Steve Koerner09/12/2017 9:40:31 PM
Sampley 9-2 results Cliff Hilty29/5/2017 2:15:04 PM by Cliff Hilty
Contest at Sampley less than 3 weeks! Cliff Hilty259/1/2017 9:03:14 PM by Cliff Hilty
Weekend at Estrella Christopher Aniol38/8/2017 10:26:37 AM by lmurray
Tows at Sampley Christopher Aniol17/21/2017 11:30:30 AM by Christopher Aniol
Upcoming talk on High Performance Soaring Steve Koerner17/10/2017 5:38:03 AM by lmurray
Sunday forecast? Christopher Aniol27/8/2017 8:35:52 PM by Christopher Aniol
Status at Turf? El Tiro? Steve Koerner47/4/2017 10:57:28 AM by Steve Koerner
Solution to Grand Canyon airspace problem Steve Koerner76/19/2017 7:32:39 AM by Cliff Hilty
Weekend wx Christopher Aniol06/3/2017 9:20:44 PM
TUSC OLC and ASA races Cliff Hilty35/24/2017 3:39:10 PM by Steve Koerner
TuSC Contest BBQ jsilvasi25/24/2017 10:02:18 AM by jsilvasi
Weekend at Turf Christopher Aniol05/13/2017 9:14:41 AM
Winter vario 80mm needed Christopher Aniol25/9/2017 10:23:43 AM by Christopher Aniol
Sampley contest weekend 28-30 Cliff Hilty195/3/2017 4:13:32 AM by lmurray
ADSB FAA legal interpretation Cliff Hilty64/27/2017 3:59:18 PM by Cliff Hilty
AZ Soaring Interest Group Meeting lmurray44/10/2017 10:16:31 AM by lmurray
2017 Contest jsilvasi54/5/2017 2:11:57 PM by Cliff Hilty
2017 ASA group parachute packing Bob Thompson54/5/2017 1:20:22 PM by lmurray
2017 glider annual inspection day Bob Thompson203/26/2017 6:27:09 AM by jsilvasi
PowerFlarm Configuration jsilvasi13/19/2017 7:53:32 PM by jsilvasi
Celebration of Life jsilvasi03/14/2017 6:52:48 PM
Roy Coulliette Michael Stringfellow23/13/2017 9:41:27 AM by Cliff Hilty
1st 2017 ASA Meeting Bob Thompson172/25/2017 6:36:38 AM by Bob Thompson
Technology jsilvasi02/22/2017 10:50:14 AM
2017 board22/17/2017 10:04:02 AM by jsilvasi
Meeting on Forecasting Soaring Conditions lmurray82/16/2017 9:32:31 AM by jsilvasi
ASA annual meeting? waveguru202/14/2017 8:43:32 AM by Arnie Jurn
Interesting BFR alternative Nigel Cripps32/10/2017 9:51:12 AM by Cliff Hilty
Annual meeting? waveguru21/31/2017 8:53:17 AM by waveguru
Bob Von Hellens Celebration of Life Memorial Bob Thompson01/19/2017 3:54:42 PM
Sad day - Bob Von Hellens has sailed into the suns Bob Thompson212/4/2016 8:39:51 PM by Steve Koerner

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