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Steve KoernerReply: posted - 26 April 2020 12:58
I agree Cliff. I suspect Sunday will be the best choice for an extra day. May tends to be great soaring.

I've sent the tow planner link to Cliff, Chris and Joe. Anybody else?

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 25 April 2020 21:13
So we're all going to do the annual day and fly next Saturday at Estrella I'm driving down a motorhome and glider in tow all that just to fly. My annuals already done. I would like to fly more than one day in a row so Friday or Sunday if we can get enough people I would be willing to take a tow let me know what you guys think!


Steve KoernerStart of thread: posted - 25 April 2020 7:04
Because of Covid, Estrella is operating an irregular schedule based on need and their availability. They generally would like to have more than 3 pilots to justify operations. Saturday is currently planned as a standing open day.

I have setup a spreadsheet to facilitate tow planning. Contact me by email to receive a link to a google sheets document. All you need do is add your name to the sheet and put a 1 down for days that you wish to fly. See the instructions at the bottom of the sheet. There are tabs at the bottom for months.

Because the link to the sheet makes it fully editable, it is potentially vulnerable to accidental editing. Please be careful on that score and note that there is an undo button at upper left if needed.

Lee Murray has been serving as liaison with Estrella. The general scheme is to watch the weather and get a lot of guys flying on the best weather days.

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