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lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 1 May 2020 18:33
I want to reach-out quickly and provide some updates on our operations. Please disseminate as you feel appropriate to the soaring audience(s).

- Due to increases in operating expenses outside our control, we have elected to increase our rental, instruction, and tow prices, effective 1 May (today). I have provided a brief summary of the changes below, but a complete list of our rates can be found here: https://www.azsoaring.com/rates.

o The base tow fee has increased from $45 to $50 for 1000’. The remaining tow fee remains $1 per 100’.
o We have implemented a self-launch fee of $25/takeoff
o Instructor rates increased from $60/hr to $70/hr
o Rental rates on all aircraft increased by $5/hr.

- As we discussed yesterday, the Pawnees will be back online beginning this Saturday, May 2nd. We will continue with our weekend tow operation, and 4-pilot minimum week day requirement, until we re-open.

- We will be resuming normal instruction, tow, and ride operations on Tuesday, May 12th.

- Additional guidance will be provided next week on the measures and policies being implemented to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clientele. At present time, I can inform you that mask will be required for all occupants of ASI aircraft for the duration of flight, regardless of whether they are solo/dual.

Please feel free to reach-out to me with any specific questions or concerns. We’re looking forward to resuming our normal operations and seeing many familiar faces at E68 again.

Shad Coulson
Operations Manager
Arizona Soaring Inc.

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