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lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 20 November 2020 5:25
This message to alert you to an upcoming ASA General Membership Meeting which, by membership consensus, will be virtually held thru the magic of technology on Wednesday Evening December 9th at 7PM MST via WebEx. The Tucson Soaring Club has graciously donated the use of its WebEx account to facilitate this meeting for the benefit of all ASA members, many of whom are also ASA members.

Very shortly you will receive two WebEx generated invitations from Tucson Soaring Club to the annual meeting and a “test” meeting.

There will be door prizes of two SSA 2021 calendars and a GLIDERBOOKS Glider Pilot Airspace Reference Card and Minimum Cloud Clearance and Visibility Limits. These will be mailed to winners who's names will be drawn at the meeting.

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